Saturday, March 07, 2009

Crunch Time

So Danielle in Iowa needs descend deep down into a writing cave before she leaves in April to go to sea for a month. I haven't logged into google reader IN A WEEK so I haven't been around the internet leaving lovely pearls in the comments section of other blogs. I hope you'll all be able to bear my absence for the next couple of weeks.

A paper came out THIS MORNING that scoops a few elements of my dissertation (and several elements I of the paper I have been working my ass off to submit in the next couple of weeks). Since the paper is in a "rapid announcement" journal, the idea hasn't been fleshed out yet completely (it is essentially a 4 pager saying "we did this!") but it probably means a longer paper is in the works which means my paper needs to be out ASAP so alas I must go away for a bit.

Because I still procrastinate, so you can find me rambling on Twitter still.

So in running news, I did my last long run before National last night. It was only 10 miles, but it was a good run. It was a gorgeous 40-50 degree evening with a bright moon and I felt great the entire time. I did it at 10:14 pace in HR Zone 2, which is faster than any of my other long runs to date this season and is also PR pace for the half-mary distance, although I am not sure I could hold on for another 5k. What a difference actually taking gus does! I didn't bonk at all.

So yeah, training for National hasn't been ideal, but I have been trying to work on consistency and not ramping up miles too fast, which I was pretty successful at. I was getting in at least 20 miles a week, usually consisting of two 6-8 mile runs and 2-3 hard 3-4 mile runs.

Unfortunately, this did not work. My stupid injury prone self is having calf issues again. This feels almost exactly the same as the injury that sidelined me for Chicago 2005. It's on the base of my calf on the inside and calf stretches don't get at it. It can be sore all day and hurt right a lot when I start running, but once it is warmed up it is fine (last night it didn't bother me after the first mile).

So I am trying to figure out the game plan for the next two weeks. How often and far do I run so I don't irritate the calf yet don't lose fitness?

Anyway, sorry for the most boring post ever. My motivation to amuse others has been completely sucked away. I'll be back for sure, but I gotta take care of business so that I can force you all to call me Dr. Danielle in Iowa.

In the meantime:

1. Hey if you are running National, I think we are having a bloggy carb loading dinner the night before!

2. Hey, if you like doughnuts, come run the Doughnut Run!

3. Hey, if you like crazy races, come join our team for the Wild West Relay! Seriously, we only have 5 runners now so we need you! At least if you live below 2000 ft.


Wendy said...

You go deep & get those loose ends tied up! We'll look forward to calling you Dr. Danielle.

Wendy said...
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Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Here's all you missed while you were gone, sister:

I linked to your blog and gave a whole new meaning to "Danielle" - in the same post.

That's it.

You missed nothing else worthwhile.

jeanne said...

that sounds like a very smart training plan. If only I'd done been so smart. but noooooooooo! I "ran" 14 this morning, like an idiot, and now I have calf problems to! Lemme know what advice you get.

oh and good look. maybe once you're a doctor you can cure what ails me!

Details on bloggy dinner to follow. :)

sherri said...

i wish i could join you for your carb loading but i'm the idiot that's leaving town that weekend to go run elsewhere...i wish i knew before and then i could save on the hotel for the weekend. hopefully i'll see you before you head out of town.

jeanne said...

i also have spelling problems. ..."problems too."
"good luck." good look too.

Joe said...

good luck with the papers, d. you'll get 'em done.

Meg said...

Good luck getting that paper out, how stressful!

Audrey said...

dude, academia is fierce!!! good luck w/ everything and i can't wait to see you soon. DC will be a well-earned break. Since i'm local, let me know if you need help planning a spot/reservations, whatevs you need.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the other paper. Here's hoping your conclusions are stronger and more perceptive and their work turns to ash upon the withering inspection of their peers.

It sounds like you're ready to rock your next race. Calf soreness is a bear, but, like you've already noted, it goes away once you've warmed up a bit. A couple of more short six and four mile runs and you'll be ready to tear up the course.

Good luck!

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck with that calf!!!

And I'm REALLY thinking about coming back to the Doughnut Run!!

Xenia said...

Good luck with the work. I totally know what you're going through!

And I hope the calf situation resolves itself soon. Take care!

kilax said...

I always wanted to do the Doughnut run when I lived in Ames. I wish I would have!

I hope you can figure out your training and your calf feels beter.

Good luck with your paper :)

Anonymous said...

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