Saturday, July 29, 2006

Let's get it started in here

So we have our starting time: 6:30am

That means our butts have to be at the start at 5:30am. Fun times!

Anyways, Teresa will be starting us off with 7 other teams. Sort of weird to have a start with only 8 runners. We are right in the middle of the Flatlander pack with four teams starting before us and four teams starting after us. Another Flatlander team, the Sunflower Striders, starts with us, so will have to make sure we take them down early :-) There are lots of secluded running areas to accidentally trip another runner where no one else will see it - it will be our word against theirs :-) Of course, I jest. My mad hill running skillz (*cough**snort*) will ensure that we stay ahead of them :-) But really, are we gonna let a bunch of Kansans beat us? I have particularly bad memories of Kansas, so I say "I think not!"

We also start with 5 Ultra (6x6) teams -6 Pack Attack, Have Shoes Will Travel, Meet The Fartleks, Runnin' For The Rio - Again!, and Will Run For Snacks. Hehe, so we can all be impressed as we send Teresa off with 5 people who intend to run twice as far as us. Crazy people!

Since I have mentioned Teresa twice already in this post, I am going to recreate the conversation we had last week. Note that Teresa just got back from spending six months in Australia.

Danielle: So, are you still going to wear a cowboy hat the entire time like you said?
Teresa: Well, a dingo ate my cowboy hat.


Joe said...

5:30 a.m.? as our captain, why didn't you lie about whatever they were asking you in order to get us a start time that would have allowed some reasonable degree of sleep the night before? jeez, all this honesty is getting us nowhere! sheesh.

at least you're advocating cheating. that's *something.*

as for kansans, i say they're going down. i got dumped by a girl from kansas this spring! it's payback time!!!

Danielle said...

Hehe, take that Kansas! Nothing like being dumped for some good motivation :-)

Danielle said...

Also, I am not sure how much lying would have helped :-) I guess we could have said we ran a lot faster than we did, but actually Paul said that different paces were mixed in each wave... That also means that I really have no clue about what our pace is compared to the other Flatlander teams... Just because we are starting in the middle, doesn't mean pace-wise we are in the middle.

And one side effect for you is your second leg will probably be earlier than I orginally guestimated it as (I thought you would run at night). Using my highly scientific method of adding a minute onto everyone's pace to account for altitude/hills (which is probably all BS, I have no clue how that will affect us - I just read that somewhere on the internet - we know how reliable that is), I estimate you running your second leg at 7:30pm and your last leg at 5:30am. Granted we could be even worse than a minute off our paces, in which case, you still might get the night run :-)

Another reason for that is that Van 1 has four of the faster people and Van 2 has four of the slower people, so before when I just used the team pace to guestimate, I had Van 1 taking longer.

But really, all my spreadsheets are a load of crap since I have absolutely no clue how we will all individually do when we get out there! But yet, I can't restrain myself from making the spreadsheet. I need professional help...

Joe said...

i may still be running at night, since i don't know how light it will be at 5:30 a.m. anyway. :)

Danielle said...

True dat.