Saturday, August 05, 2006

That sucked.

Today was my last long run before the race, an 8-miler. Note that Danielle referred to 8-milers as "easy" in her last post, which is hilarious because, in my world, 8-milers still count as "hard as shit."

And I wish I could sit here now and say that I soldiered on and ran it anyways, but actually my strength failed me around mile 4. My legs felt like lead, my sides hurt, and my ankle was I had to stop and go home. Boo.

Man, I hope I don't suck this bad next week.


Danielle said...

If it makes you feel any better, I got wussitis around mile 6. Actually my knee started doing weird spasmy things and I got paranoid and decided to walk it in. I never underestimate the adrenalin rush of a race to make me suck less than I normally do!

On a plus note, I realized this morning that it was the heat kicking my ass these past couple weeks - this morning it was about 70, not too humid, and lightly raining, and I ran about a 10:15 pace without overexerting myself. I joined Kori on her second of two 8 mile loops for her Chicago training - running with people who have already run 8 miles before you get there is good :-)

Joe said...

My "that sucked" story from this morning comes from the fact that the couple that was in the gym when I went down to mimic one of the legs of the race on the treadmill was watching country music television, and then f**king left when i was about 6 minutes into my run. I had to watch almost 45 minutes of country music videos. It was like some weird torture.

But at least the running part went well, even if I felt like the guy from A Clockwork Orange (or the chicken from the intro of Robot Chicken, for those who like a more contemporary reference).