Monday, August 14, 2006

We did it!

For our legions of faithful fans waiting to hear how it went, we did it! It was crazy and insane and awesome and I can't wait to do it again next time. :)

I'm sure people will be posting stories over the next week, and pictures will start showing up online shortly, too. In the meantime, the results can be found here. I think we did pretty excellent for a first time out trying a race like this for most of us.

Hooray for Back Off Man, I'm a Scientist!


John in dallas said...

Congrats on finishing and in a very good time. It was a great time!

Joe said...


now we have a baseline, so we can do better next time. there will definitely be a next time. :)

Danielle said...

Hey John - was it you who talked to the folks in Van 1? Sorry we never caught up!

And yay for us! I am very happy with the time, although three minutes faster would have been nice - I blame Shaun. I mean, he did only pass five people while climbing 1200 ft on Leg 14. Sheesh. Slacker.

I will have to e-mail Kathleen from the Baltimoruns - two weeks before the race she was desperately searching for two more runners and I passed on the names of some of the other maybes I had - if they signed on, I think we deserve their three minutes :-)

Shaun said...

I'm sorry I sucked, but thanks for letting me tag along anyway. I had a really great time. That's pretty cool that we were only 18 minutes off from getting third in our catagory. Very nice job everyone!

Hehe, my word verification for this comment is "studd". ;)

John said...

Your Van 1 group rocked and kicked but what little I saw of them. Would have loved to of talked to them longer but "yall" were way too fast. Sounds like your team had as great a time as we did.

Danielle said...

Shaun, it's like blogger knows you!

John, it is quite a bit easier to go faster when you have 12 people running rather than 6 :-) You crazy people!

Jessica Deline said...

you guys did great! And I see only 1 hour behind the winners in the flatlander division. Way to go!!!