Friday, August 04, 2006

Work is killing me

I have only gotten to run twice in the last week and a half. I've had to work 10-12 hours a day for the last two weeks in preparation for taking next week off. I haven't had a vacation since Christmas, so I'm way overdue for some time to relax. But this was not how I wanted to go into it.

I am going to try a few double runs in the next few days, and then get a few runs in when I get to Colorado. Hopefully I won't break into little pieces during the race.

Boo last two weeks! :(

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Al Dimond said...

Sounds stressful. When you get out to Colorado and when you run before that, even, don't fret about the training aspect. Just enjoy the run. My last semester of college was like that because I had more projects to do that I could manage, and coming up to the River to River Relay my training was a mess. But once you're out running, of course, you can't do any more than running well. Speaking of which, I should get out of my chair and off to Los Gatos. Have a relaxing week off, I'll see you in CO!