Friday, October 20, 2006

Hooray New Bike!

With Danielle posting about biking a bunch lately, I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon, and tell my bike story.

I finally bought a new bike the other day. I went back and forth on whether to get a street bike or a touring bike, but in the end, my desire to try to start taking some weekend-long tours won out, and I got the Trek 520.

I test rode the 2006 model about a month ago, but when I went back last weekend, they had sold out of my size, and Trek had no more 2006s in stock. They were pretty cheap, as they were having the end of season sale. So I figured I'd have to pay full price for the 2007, but when I went back to order it, they charged me the same price as the 2006. So hooray for me!

I should get it in about a week and a half, as they didn't have any in stock. I'm so excited. Yay new toys!


Lisa said...

well, sir, that is a sweet looking bike.

I guess if I'm going to cycle across france any time soon I should start saving...!

Joe said...

Thanks Lisa. And the idea of cycling across France sounds like a lot of fun.

When I was telling a friend at work about RAGBRAI, she thought I said Ireland, not Iowa. She was like, "I want to bike across Ireland!" When I told her I said Iowa, her response was, "Oh. Nevermind."

Danielle said...

*humpf* We don't want the riffraff around here anyways :-)

Joe said...

I didn't invite her. No worries. :)

However, I'm mildly amused at how many people are asking me "Why Iowa?" But I'm happy about the fact that the guys at the bike shop knew of it.

Al Dimond said...

When people ask you, "Why Iowa?" just look off into the sky, arms on hips, as if there's a mountain in front of you (actually, you'll probably want the mountain about 15° to the left to optimize the dramatic pose), and boldly intone, "Because it's there."