Friday, October 06, 2006

Cleve suggested it

More science instead of running...

So I was happily doing some work (really!) on MATLAB. I was debugging some code so I decided to block off part of the code so I could look at a small part of it. I go to run my program (which is not supposed to plot anything) and this shows up:
How creepy is that?

After I did a little research (wanting to make sure my computer wasn't possessed), I found out that this is some MATLAB programmer's idea of fun and that it comes up if you type the command image without any arguments. I did this unintentionally as I called a matrix "image."

Here's some running:

One week until Teresa and I storm our neighbors to the north to run the Toronto Half Marathon with Lisa! Since I haven't heard from Mark about it, I'm assuming he isn't going to run, just cheer us on.

I say he needs pompoms.

In other news, I have a command from the nurse to ice my ass all weekend to see if my tailbone will stop hurting...


Laurie said...

I hope the icing helps your bootay! You need to be in tip top shape for your half mary.

Joe said...

Hooray for easter eggs!

And the phrase "ass icing" just conjurs up way too funny a visual, that has nothing to do with ice.

Lisa said...

holy crap that image creeps me out!

ShirleyPerly said...

That is creepy! But what's also odd is that we seem to have a lot in common!

I used to teach in the Oceanography Dept at Naval Postgraduate School and use Matlab a lot, though I never saw that image. I also have a tailbone that periodically bothers me because I injured it as a kid jumping into 3 feet of water doing the cannonball. We've both had bad incidents happen to us while running.

Hopefully nothing will happen to my bike :-)