Sunday, February 25, 2007

Girl Power!

This has nothing to do with running or science, but I had to comment on how awesome I am.

Last night, while trying to pull into my driveway, I got stuck: (Note that all the snow in his picture was not there 24 hours ago.)

There is a small hole between our alley and our driveway and I got stuck right in it. All I needed was a little push out. But... My roommate wasn't home. James, my massage therapist neighbor, was asleep. Steve, my bike mechanic neighbor, wasn't home . (Don't I have otherwise useful neighbors?) I was ready to leave my car blocking the alley for the night.

Then I got brilliant and remembered the pile of cardboard boxes under the basement stairs that my roomate hates that I refuse to throw out. Three cardboard boxes later and voila! In my driveway:
(See that big hole in the snow on the left? That is what I spun out with my tires.)

The last time I got stuck in the snow was on top of a mountain between Walden and Steamboat Springs. That outcome was not nearly as satisfactory.

Anyways, I think I may finally get to whip out the snowshoes!

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Audrey said...

You totally rock. I am so freakin impressed. And you have (otherwise) cool neighbors. And I am totally jealous you have snowshoes (i am dying to try it out). Not that we have any snow here though!!!!