Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pot and prostitutes at all the water stops!

Lisa has decided that Canada wasn't socially tolerant enough for her so now she is moving to the Netherlands in July. While this might mean her summer relaying is not gonna happen (sniff, sniff), for me it means I have someone else to visit in Europe.

Since I started distance running, I have yet to miss a year where I combine a long distance race with a visit with favorite running buddy from Nerd Camp, so my first thoughts were:

"Hmmmm, I wonder when the Amsterdam Marathon is?"

And my oh my! It is October 21st! Theoretically I should either be healed or have decided that I am going to live forever with hamstring pain by that point. But there's also a half marathon - I better be up to at least ten mile runs by August or else this relay thing won't be happening for me either.

And! To top it all off, that is two days before my 30th birthday. What better way to spend the end of a decade than gallavanting in Europe!

Do we have to ride assbikes to the start?

PS I also have to note that the Lego prostitute comes from The Brick Testament, which is the Bible entirely illustrated with Legos. In the story, the Lego Samson then goes on to have Lego sex with the Lego prostitute. Naked Legos! It's totally Lego porn! Legos! What can't you do with them?


Phoenix said...

Lego sex. Better than Britney Spears and American Idol pics. For sure.

Audrey said...

I fwded the Leggo links on to my biblically inclined friends. Love. It.

Coach Tammy said...

love the new profile pic ;)

Did I tell you I saw a T-shirt w/your blog name on it? I almost bought it... because you know... I am also a scientist. BACK OFF, MAN!

Kevin said...

They want to build a lego-land theme park in KC. What are the odds that one of those "biblical" themed rides will pop up.

Legos are the best.

jinx protocol said...

Canada not socially tolerant enough? Jeez, I'd hate for her to see Georgia! It's like the 50s down here when it comes to tolerance.

You should know that by now, judging by the backwards comments some of my coworkers make.