Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My free butt massages have come to an end.

My physical therapist is breaking up with me. She says that it's time I move out into the world alone.

The hamstring isn't healed yet, but it is getting better and I can do all the exercises and stretches at home. Except for the one on that weird stretching machine that looks like a torture device, but oh it hurts so good.

But the saddest part is that I no longer will have my weekly free massage. I doubt my roommate will want to stick her elbow in my ass.

In other news, I just got back from DC, bringing with me a cold that I somehow developed in Joe's apartment. I think he will have to completely disinfect his New Kids on the Block comforter that I used while there. (I'm not even kidding about the NKOTB comforter :-))

And tell me, how does one lose luggage on a direct flight?

In good news though, Hottie Swim Coach has called me back and we are on for Thursday. That is, if they find my luggage with my non-exposing bathing suit and swim cap and goggles...


Audrey said...

You suck!! I'm trying to sit in class like a good student and I am trying to stay composed while checking the blogs and your post is TOO FUNNY!! BOO DANIELLE. Have some consideration for us students!!!

Laurie said...

Look on the bright side, your hamstring is healing.

I hope you took a picture of the NKOTB comforter. That is just too funny.

Joe said...

if you ask nicely, maybe i'll take a picture of the comforter and post it somewhere. :)

Kevin said...

I remember when my physical therapist and I parted ways last year. It was tragic. No one has ever made my calves feel the way she did. sigh. If only the insurance wouldn't have run out.

Bummer about the luggage.

Lisa said...

my relationship with my physio ended as well, but (in true Lisa style) more because stopped calling.

Here's hoping you get the bathing suit back before hottie swim coach!

Tri-Dummy said...

First of all...the shirt for the triathlon you're doing is really cool. http://www.siouxperman.com/

Second, the next triathlon you need to do is http://www.whaletowntriathlon.com/
...in Anita, IA.


Danielle said...

Audrey: remind me not to hire you as a lawyer - checking blogs in class!

Laurie: I have an incredible ability to not take pictures, even when I should. Hence why there is less than ten photos of our van from the relay.

Joe: I think you should fulfill Laurie's request ;-)

Kevin: In a rare occasion, my insurance actually rocks and I get as much PT as my doctor and therapist think I need, all for free! Although sometimes free == the not so good experience that Laurie had...

Lisa: There has been successful bathing suit retrieval.

Tri-Dummy: The Siouxperman Tri is in western Iowa - Nebraska ain't too far away! And it makes me laugh that there is a Whale Town Tri in the middle of Iowa. Unfortunately, that is the same weekend as the Wild West Relay. Plus, I am not quite quite sure I am up to wanting to train for an Oly tri quite yet, considering I have yet to even do a real sprint...