Friday, February 23, 2007

The litany of things that I do wrong.

Had the session with HSC last night. Apparently I have been doing this swimming thing all wrong. Major points of the evening:
  • I need to make a conscious effort to look down, not ahead. Apparently this makes your legs pop up to the surface. And it really does! I thought all the buoyancy generated by my ass would accomplish that without any help, but apparently it does not.
  • Ah, so that's what they mean by rotate! When I tried to figure this out on my own, I always failed. So at least I have a feel of how it is supposed to be - whether or not I successfully implement it is another story.
  • I kick too much. I sorta knew that though.
So HSC is sorta like a cheerleader on crack (which is just sorta weird for a 30 year old dude with lots of tattoos). By his "that was great!"s and "awesome job"s, you'd think I was ready for the Olympics.

And then, because I hadn't worked out in a week(!), I went to one of my local LBS for a trainer session. We did this:
How can 45 minutes seem like an eternity?

Perhaps it was the minutes upon minutes of four seconds on/four seconds off. Ya think, "It's only four seconds! I can go all out!" but by the end I don't even know if I could tell the difference between my on and off.

Or perhaps it was having to get off the bike to do isometric squats. I think Satan produced this DVD.

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Audrey said...

Hey, thx for that swimming tip about looking down.

THAT IS weird to think of him cheering you on like that given your description. Thats so nice though! I still can't get over how happy triathletes are.