Monday, February 12, 2007

A man, A plan. A canal. Panama.

Or rather:

A Woman. A plan. A triathlon. Nolhtairtanalpanamowa.

Okay. So I am no good at palindromes. Nor apparently am I good at bathing because I apparently don't scrub at my calves because there is still a 32 on my left calf. The 32 on my arm is totally gone, so I swear I have actually bathed since a week ago Saturday! Really!

Kori is on board for the Siouxperman Triathlon, which means we'll totally do this, since we won't let each other wuss out. We're 12 weeks out. The hamstring still has its moments, but I am down to once a week with the physical therapist. And I am up to running 1.5 miles.

The other day someone told me "The trick with a hamstring injury is that you have to run 9 minute miles." I was thinking "WTF? That's my 5k PR pace!" Turns out this dude runs 20 minute 5ks, so 9 minute miles is really slow for him.

But the moral is the same: you can run, just run slowly. I learned this the hard way when I started running again in December and had to stop after pushing too hard. So my plan is to force myself to stay at 11:30 to 12 minute miles. The only way for me to do this is on the treadmill, since I'll go faster if left to my own devices.

As for hottie swim coach, he is totally standing me up! He called on Thursday to set up a time for our lesson, but I was on the bus and didn't have my calendar so I told him I would call him back, which I did a couple of hours later. It is now Monday! Isn't there like a four day rule? Instead I leave these sort of pathetic messages on his voice mail: "Um, this is Danielle, I was hoping we could meet on Monday? Please call me." I guess he's just not that into being my swim teacher...

I would be less annoyed if I hadn't already paid. Gees. Now this isn't going to happen for another week and a half since Tuesday night I have a class, Wednesday night I am going crosscountry skiing on the river for a couple of hours with some others of the "Valentine's Day? Bah Humbug!" mentality, and then I will be in MD for a conference.

(Note that I would most likely be on my ass at the bottom of that big hill...)


Audrey said...

well, you totally made me giggle. "Please call me." :)

Tri-Dummy said...


I got to your site from Laurie, who said you may be doing a couple days of RAGBRAI.

I'm from Nebraska and was considering it...any info you can throw my way would be appreciated.


Jay T said...

Man, no bathing in 10 days? And you call me "smelly"?! :-)

And I'm trying to think of a way to help you run slow without using a treadmill. The best I can come up with involves a running partner with a good sense of pace and one of those harness/tether contraptions they use for little kids. Needless to say, it's still an idea-in-progress.