Thursday, June 14, 2007

Glug glug glug...

That was the sounds I made as I attempted to do some balance drills in the pool last night. Julie, the Ironman who gives me triathlon advice, suggested that I should work on balance and technique drills and that the speed will come if I get better at those things. Since I am pretty sure I would be close to last in a 1500 m swim, just getting a little bit faster would make me happy.

What I want to know is: How the #%$^ does one breathe while on their side? The drills said that my mouth should be just above the water, but it's not! I guess I understand that good swimmers don't lift their head to breathe, they just rotate, but that ain't working for me! I inhaled a lot of water last night.

In other swimming news, because I knew these drills would take me forever, I bought some flippers. Flippers are fun!

But I sorta feel like I am cheating.

And what is up with the passive aggressive types who won't acknowledge that I need to share a lane with them and just keep flip turning away when they reach the end where I stand? I prefer to at least check in with them to make sure we are either each taking a side or swimming in a circle. So chica, you can stop for two seconds to acknowledge me! Because that same type gets mad when you start swimming in their lane and they bump into you because they are swimming down the middle.

I was this close to smacking her in the head with one of my flippers, but another lane opened up, so she was spared my wrath.

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