Saturday, June 02, 2007

We don't know how to canoe, really.

That's what Kori and I decided our team name for the Great Ames Adventure Race is going to be.

Because we definitely don't have skillz with the canoe. But we are much better with that than the kayak, so the GAAR is a go! We have connections so hopefully we will get an early start, so even if we are the slowest, we won't come in last during the race (in the official results, that's another story :-)).

At least we can steer a canoe okay so we won't miss the buoys.

And I rode the bike route again last night and I was able to do it on a bike I was testing out, without my clipless pedals and aero bars in 55 minutes (it's 15 miles). I hope during the race to be able to do the same pace as the Siouxperman (~17.5 mph) which is about 51-52 minutes.

And I am going to need to get ahead on the bike, because running these days? Not so fun. Today I did 5 miles and lumbered along at a 11 minute mile. I am hoping the race atmosphere will allow me to pick it up a bit! When did running get to be so hard? And did I really sign up to run another marathon in 4 months?

The best part about my run today was that about a third of a mile from the end, "Couch Potato" by Weird Al came on the ipod. That's a spoof of Lose Yourself by Eminem. And that is just a great running song and it makes me laugh and happy and I ran the rest of the way at sub-nine minute mile pace.

Less than two weeks until I need to register for the Great River Relay! So if you want to run, send me money!


Jay T said...

I'm finding running tougher lately too. Is there some scientific phenomenon occurring we can blame? "Oh, those pesky solar flares!"

Laurie said...

That is too bad about the WWR. But graduating is much more important than a little race. Though vacation is nice too. Next year.

The GAAR sounds like fun! You'll be fine in the canoe as long as you don't capsize it.

I am so excited for the GRR :)

Danielle in Iowa said...

Solar flares! Yes! That's it!

I really hope I don't capsize the canoe since I plan on wearing my bike shorts and soggy bike shorts would not be fun!

And now that people are starting to send me money, I am excited for the GRR too! I am glad you can run with us! I know you are particularly excited about passing the corn baton :-)

Sempre Libera said...

I think you found your answer to making running easy: more Weird Al!