Monday, June 18, 2007

Team member down!!

This morning Danielle e-mailed me my leg for the relay. I got a little nervous (and a lot psyched) when I looked at it (~18 miles give or take over however long the race is). Little did she know I can barely walk right now. Surprise Danielle!

I sustained a monster calf cramp/strain on Friday. I was in the middle of a swim. Who knew cramps ACTUALLY happen and you legitimately shouldn't swim alone?? It was so strange b/c I swim alone in this pond (about 1/2 a mile across and up to 102 feet deep) all the time and this is the ONE time I was actually with other people. I had linked up with a local tri group and I was the newest, slowest, and there with the guy I've been seeing (we were about 7 hours into our relationship at this point) who I didn't want to look completely spazo in front of.

But all of a sudden my calf convulsed. And didn't uncramp. I knew this was not a good thing (b/c of the excruciating pain) and tried to stay calm. I legitimately considered calling for help (in a calm way, like, um, hey, pay attention to me. Pay attention to me!) but I didn't want to be the weakest link (even though I guess this is WHY people swim in groups and probably half of the people I was with had been lifeguards or navy seals) so I just struggled onward freaking out in my head. And why was the muscle STILL IN THE CRAMPED POSITION?!?! UNCLENCH!!! AHH! UNCLENCH!!

When I got out of the pond we all went to breakfast and people were teasing me saying, Hey, pick up your feet! Why are you dragging your leg? B/c I got this major leg cramp and now it hurts to walk! Sure! Whatever. I mean, who gets leg cramps that badly? Except three days later my calf is still bruised and swollen and painful to the touch. Yuck. I am pretty sure I was dehydrated (coffee and wine) as the cause of my discomfort.

Danielle and team, I promise I will rehydrate myself and heal up! Long live DaFEET!


Danielle in Iowa said...

So no coffee or wine for you for the entire month of August!

You can drink lots of wine in Minneapolis :-)

Laurie said...

Audrey! It is so good to hear your writing voice again!

That sounds incredibly painful. I hope you heal up quick!

bryan said...

Ah, I'm sure it'll work itself out ... sometime. Maybe.

Phoenix said...

Ice and Water. But not ice water. Hope you get better soon!