Thursday, January 10, 2008


Call me overly enthusiastic, but yesterday I did my second two-a-day in a row. I was at the gym, getting off the bike and had about 45 minutes before the gym closed, so I decided to get in a 4 mile run.

Of course, this is only because it is the first week of training.

And I was trying to avoid work.

And I figured that resting Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before PF Chang's would be a good idea, right?

Oh yeah, I have a half marathon to run this weekend.

It is probably going to suck.

No, not probably - it *is* going to suck.

Especially since I have felt like dying on runs half that long this season.

And given how much my foot aches after a 3 mile run, I am pretty sure I won't be able to walk after a half-marathon.

I shouldn't be running this but I gots lots of them book smarts, but really no common sense.

Plus, I am stubborn.

That and I am sort of bound by Joe to showing up in Phoenix this weekend so if I am there, I might as well run.

Okay, back to writing my dissertation proposal.

Have I mentioned how much I hate writing?

But if I don't write, I don't graduate, and my fantasy life in Wyoming will never come to fruition (it involves lots of skiing, a house with big dogs, demolishing my previous PRs after living at 7000 ft, and a Libertarian cowboy).


Audrey said...

Hey Danielle. have a great weekend and i hope the tootsie holds up.

have fun on your adventure and good luck with your Wyoming goal!!

Lisa said...

yeah, writing sucks, especially when it's science writing. I've been shirking revisions on the most hateful paper for four weeks!

do it for Wyoming!

Rainmaker said...

I think you ought to skip the run 13.1 miles part, and simply run straight to PF Changs. Seems to solve multiple problems really - and it's much better than the granola bar they'll give ya at the end.

peter said...

Wyoming. Isn't that where Cheney's supposedly from? When you get there, can you get him to straighten out that smirk he always has on one side of his face? Thanks for that in advance.

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Good luck this weekend on your 1/2...and on your two a days. Whatever the reason - it is still cool you got them in.

Coach Tammy said...

Libertarian Cowboy? You ARE dreamin' sistah! ;)

Good luck out there... not sure if it was today or tomorrow, but I'm sure you'll get thru it strong!

Kori said...

You'd marry a libertarian?!? wow, and you said it outloud. I have renewed hope in you.