Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Houston, there is a swimming problem.

So I have mentioned before my complete suckitude at swimming. In fact, I have gotten worse at swimming since I started training for triathlons. I am not sure at all how that happened. But a year ago I would typically do 2:15-2:30/100yds and now I do 2:30-2:45/100 yds. Yes, I am that slow. Apparently taking a couple of lessons just demolished my apparently inefficient but faster style.

On Monday, I met Chrissy at the pool to do a short set of 300s. We started out sharing a lane, but she moved over when one opened up, probably because she literally swims twice as fast as me. So I was tooling along and did my first 300 in 8:28 (stop laughing!). Then I noticed that the woman in the lane next to me was going just a little bit faster than me, so I spent the next 300 trying to keep up with her and I did it in 7:50 (#%$^ I'm slow!) The worst part was that when I was taking a break between sets, I watched her for a little... and became mortified. Her form was horrendous and she looked like she was going at a snail's pace. And all I could think was "Oh my God, I had to work to keep up with that! Am I really going that slow?!"

I continued on with my 300s and when we got out of the pool I asked Chrissy if my form was that bad and I looked that slow (once we were away from the pool :-)). She told me my stroke looked good, which was somewhat of a relief. She also thought the woman was wearing flippers. I am pretty sure I saw her put on flippers for a kick set she did as we were finishing up and I don't recall the flippers being on while swimming regular sets. So while I would like to believe it, it is all lies.

Anyway, I have decided that I am not allowed to go to the gym without swimming at least a short set like Monday. Siouxperman is 300 m, which is why I picked that distance. Last year I did it in 7:43. On Saturday I did 275 yds in 6:45, so I am apparently capable of picking it up a little. Apparently twice a week in the pool is not enough for me to overcome my natural inability to swim fast, which has existed for time eternal. Interesting that my little sister was a competitive swimmer all through high school.

In wart news, I might not actually have plantar's warts! They might possibly be that, but the doctor says they might just be from friction. Either way, he liquid nitrogened those mofos and they hurt less today than they did yesterday.

And, let us all shed a tear for the demise of my man. While my support may have had dubious beginnings (ahem, cute boys buying me beer), being actively involved in politics in Iowa was a blast. But since the caucuses I have written 51 pages of my dissertation proposal while trying to get some form of training in every day, so I have had plenty to occupy myself with!


Audrey said...

Sorry about your man.

Dude, way to make some swimming goals. I have NO DOUBT you will keep with it. I need to do something similar since swimming doesn't always happen over here in Cambridge...

Steve Stenzel said...

Freezing off warts is always a weird sensation. Good luck with the paper!

Rainmaker said...

Faking Flipper Peoples are Frauds. I agree... flippers on other people for more than a short period of time causes me much confusion.

Megan said...

Sorry about your guy. I was a little sad to see that happen as well.

About the swimming, I find it to be the most frustrating nonsense on this planet (aside from slow ignorant drivers, but I digress). I find that the faster I try to go, the more my form breaks down. The best thing I can do is repetitive drills, to make my muscles remember what to do, and take a swim lesson or two from my coach. That seems to help me work out the kinks, and even the slightest change can make you more efficient.

Happy swims!