Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mad Heroin

So I'm back in the midwest after a long hot week in central Florida where we yet again assaulted two unsuspecting rivers with Rhodamine dye (I'll point out that the post title is an anagram of Rhodamine, just so I don't seem like a freak :-)). Parts of my heels are still fluorescent pink! I was going to put the picture of me holding the juvenile alligator that the state biologist caught right before we injected the dye, but like most people on the internet, I am vain and I don't think the picture is very flattering, so my dye stained feet will have to suffice :-)

Anyways, I never would have known I was back north, considering the temperatures up here are just as miserable. I did actually run twice while I was down in FL. I think if I searched for the exact opposite place of the Rocky Mountains to run, Florida would probably win - flat as heck and every breathe felt like a drink of water.

So only three weeks and a bit left until we run our asses over the pass! And... we are still two people short. We have a solid ten (meaning they paid me or the money is in the mail), but we need to fill those two last slots. I am giving it until Monday and then I will call on my non-Flatlander friends. I would be sad to drop out of the Flatlander category, but I think it would be better than running the relay short. So use this week to beg your friends!

El Capitan signing off...


lisa said...

Welcome back! I am getting strangely nerous about the whole thing.

Joe said...

i love that nervous feeling. game-day butterflies, it's awesome!

welcome back danielle.