Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stairs, I curse you!

So now that the marathon is over, and I am still sufficiently sane that I haven't signed up for a fall one, I have decided that I should start training specifically for the relay. A friend here who has run a lot up in the Rockies said "Run the stadium stairs until you start panting like a dog." So Sunday afternoon (after volunteering at the National Special Olympics - my event got cancelled and so they sent me and the others to another medical tent and so we were double staffed at the med tent for... Bocce Ball), I decided to run at the stadium. After warming up, I ran up and down the stairs for 20 minutes or so. It was hot and I was tired at the end (although I am not sure I was panting) but it wasn't so bad and I figured 20 minutes was a good interval to start with. The next day I felt fine and even did some lunges and squats at the gym. Monday night I went running with Kori and did a fast 3 miler and felt good.

Apparently I forgot that usually it takes two days for me to feel sore... I finally got clipless pedals for my bike and so I went up to Ada Hayden Lake to try them out on the bike path there, so when I toppled over after getting my foot stuck to my pedal, at least I wouldn't get hit by a car. So I was going to ride for a half hour and then run for a half hour, since I figure I have to do that sort of thing in a triathlon. The bike ride was fine, I didn't take out any small children or anything. But I went to start running and... I could barely move. Walking seems to not be an issue, but I was even slower than shuffling when I tried running. My GPS kept pausing because it thought I was stopped. Needless to say, I decided to go home and have a piece of cake and a beer.

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lisa said...

hmmm, cake and beer. Man I wish I wasn't so lazy.