Monday, July 24, 2006

I hate my hamstring and I hate the world!!!

So the universe is evil. I have spent the last two months stressing out abour filling the team and making sure we had volunteers. In less than a week, all that got miraculously finalized and I was finally not stressing out about this relay and could start thinking about how fun it would be. w00t!

And then this week, my hamstring has been throbbing. Even when I am sitting down doing nothing. Stealing a word from Lisa's blog, I had a positively craptastic run tonight. My first mile? 11:26. I don't run this slow. I mean, my last mile at the marathon was faster than this. I was going to run 7 miles, but decided that if my hamstring is spasming while I run, I should cut it short. So I only did 5 miles. It took me 55:36. 6 weeks ago, I was running 5 miles almost 10 MINUTES FASTER THAN THIS.

So now, instead of stressing about getting people to run with us, I am stressing about if I will be able to run. No, that is a lie. I will run this thing no matter what. But I might suck majorly. I am mostly worried about my first leg, which is 5 miles at 2% grade. Before the hamstring problem, my main concern was just that I would be gasping for air the entire time... but I am going to feel that hammy every single step I take uphill.

Tomorrow I have a massage scheduled - I am hoping Susan can work her voodoo magic and help that hamstring out. She does something to my butt that just makes that hamstring go "ahhh, I can loosen up now" (or that is what I imagine it would say if hamstrings could talk).


Lisa said...

Yikes, that sucks! I had a really slow run today, too, and with no real excuse. Here's hoping everything will come together on race weekend.

Joe said...

Just try to relax. Do a lot of stretching, and don't try to overdo it in the next couple of weeks. You'll be ok in the end. Even if you have to walk, we're going to just go out there and have a lot of fun, no matter what.

Joe said...

Also, I should note that the first time I read the headline, I thought it said, "I hate my hamster," and I was like, "Damn, what did the hamster do to deserve this public flaming?"

Danielle said...

Danielle doesn't walk. I mean sure, at mile 25 of a marathon, Danielle walks. But she doesn't walk when she runs. Period.

Joe said...

God help that poor hamster.