Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Beware of Tuesday the 13th!

My hamstring hadn't bothered me in two weeks or so. I was doing 1 mile and 1.5 mile runs slowly. Then last night I decided to run two. And for some reason I decided I should run some of it fast (6.5 mph, which is fast for me). And today it has been aching all day. Sigh. It must be because today is Tuesday the 13th! Yes! That's it! After spending two years in the DR and my entire masters degree surrounded by South Americans, I think their unlucky day has rubbed off on me...

But in other news, hell must have frozen over, because I swam two days in a row!

Five days until I go home! I have no money, but while I am home I am going to Marathon Sports in Wellesly to get another pair of sneakers. The whole alternating sneakers things has helped I think. So since I will have even less money, I will have to steal some of these ideas for gifts:


Laurie said...

Ummm, I hate to tell you Danielle but today, Wednesday, is the 13th.

I hope your hammy feels better soon.

Danielle said...

The sad thing is that I thought today was Tuesday, not Wednesday. This should not be a thought in my head, as I have a project due Thursday and I am very aware of this fact :-)