Friday, December 01, 2006

Torn IT Band + Strained Hamstring = Two Superswimmers

So poor Kori is totally out of commission right now because of her IT band. She can't do anything but swim. So she has resolved to swim six days a week.

And I told her I would try and swim with her. I figure we can work on a synchronized swimming routine. But I think it would look better with these matching swimcaps.

The timing is sort of perfect. I just got a coupon in the mail for 20% off at, so combined with a sale, I just got a new suit that does not require MacGuyver like adjustments for only $30.

And I am beginning to come to grips with the fact that I think cycling irritates my hamstring as much as running (so it is looking like that duathlon probably won't be happening).

Someone mentioned this webpage a while back. It totally makes swimming more fun I think! It seems much less tedious if I have a list of drills to do as opposed to just going back and forth.

I shall conquer the pool! Well, at least after I figure out why if I swim 400 yds straight without stopping for water I get a massive pounding headache.

Oh yeah, and yay! 17 days until I go home to Boston!


Audrey said...

hi! i'm sorry you're back in the pool. but can you PLEASE do synchronized swimming in those swim caps???

are you actually from boston proper or is that code for i live nearby but no one has ever heard of my town? :) (b/c i don't actually live in boston either-but tell everyone i do....)

Danielle said...

Newton. And everyone has heard of my town, because we are the home of the Fig Newton :-) But yeah, since moving away, I just say "Boston."

Joe said...

I suffer from the opposite -- I tell people I'm from MA, and they always assume that means Boston, which is very not true.

Danielle said...

Yeah, you are from BFE :-) At least the Green Line runs out to West Newton.

Joe said...

The commuter rail totally ran to the city that was only 20 miles away from where I lived.

Kori said...

Hey Danielle,

I'm checking out your blog for the first time in a while. You know it's funny, cause I'm not gonna hit 6 days this week. Too many christmas parties and meetings this week! :)