Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas booty

(or I guess Hanukkah booty in Joe's case)

Anyone get anything good?

I got bike gloves and a trainer (amongst other smaller things), so Santa was pretty good to me.

I did not get anything that will prove useful for running (although I guess the long underwear might come in handy). But I can't run right now anyways, so that's okay :-) I asked for The Stick, but forgot to give any details about what it was, so my mom was asking salespeople at REI what this was (and none of them knew). Needless to say, I didn't get that. The Stick is one of these items that I feel like I could make on my own with a trip to Lowe's, but really, I am too lazy to do that :-) I just can't get at my hamstring with the foam roller though!

In a weird twist, I came home to Vermont and some friend of my parents are staying at our house and lo and behold, there in our living room was their Stick! So I gave my IT bands and my hamstring some good Stick lovin'. That sounds a little dirty.

I haven't done anything for a week and my hamstring has still been throbbing, I have officially declared myself as off running for five weeks, until January 21st. And I am going to try harder to see what else might be aggravating it - before I just assumed it was remnant pain, but now I am going on the offense. Do my stretches and exercises from PT every day and quit anything that makes it hurt, even if that means I sit around doing nothing for five weeks. That's my new year's resolution, dammit!

PS I have totally been living in Iowa too long. I was under the impression that a 55 mph speed limit meant that you go somewhere between 55 and 65, not 75 mph. And still get passed on both sides.


Lisa said... said stick.

Joe said...

It's so sweet of you to honor my birthday by not running until then. You're an awesome friend!

Al Dimond said...

My most noteworthy Christmas booty was a bike jersey.

A South Park-themed bike jersey.

With a picture of Cartman on the back saying, "You guys all suck!"

Not sure if I can wear that or not...

Danielle said...

Now that's pretty awesome. I expect you to wear that in the next relay :-)

Lisa said...

I got a kitty carrier for the Bink!

Also, I encountered the stick yesterday at my mom's gym. What the hell is that used for??

Danielle said...

The Stick is great for deep tissue massage, similar to the foam roller, but it is portable. You may have no need for it, but I have really tight IT bands (and you can ask Kori - IT band injuries can keep you from running for a long time).

Also, I can't get at my hamstring well with the foam roller, but The Stick is much easier to maneuver with.

Also, what have you been using to carry around The Bink (I think he deserves a capitalized The like The Stick) until now? A cardboard with holes in it?

jeanne said...

i have the stick and you can have it, cuz it doesn't help my ITB, but the foam roller does! so it's all yours, e-mail me your address (if you trust me).

re: the speed limit. Welcome home!