Thursday, December 07, 2006


So this freezing weather without the snow has got to stop. I'm a fan of winter, but only as long as there is the white fluffy stuff to play in.

One reason is that, every day, I wake up to a dilemma. There is no snow on the ground, so I really should ride my bike to school (about three miles). But ten degrees? And below zero wind chill (and note that the wind is always blowing directly at me on my way to school)? So recently I have been either "working" from home or taking the bus.

But Lisa, in all her awesomeness, has helped me to get my butt off the couch. She has knit me arm warmers for riding my bike to school. I love it when she knits me stuff. I also have a cute little hat with kitty ears and stripey socks that go well with my (excessive) Mary Jane collection, all courtesy of Lisa.

I tell ya - having friends who knit totally rocks!Oh, and simply because this photo also got uploaded off my camera when I uploaded this... gratuitous puppy shot!


Lisa said...

1. I am so happy!

2. Lucky is adowable!

34. I am currently drunk!

Audrey said...

i bet you are the ONLY biker to have knitted arm warmers!! so awesome!...and guess what!?!? i don't like animals! you're gratuitous puppy shot has no power over me!!!

Danielle said...

L - you must be at one of your advisor's functions if you are drunk by 3pm

A - you must be heartless! everyone loves lucky!