Monday, December 11, 2006

Victory is mine!

Well, ours!

After a painful morning of trying to register for the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run [edited to fix URL] in April, Joe and I have been successful. Man that was a pain in the ass. The 10,000 person race fills up in a day, so we wanted to register ASAP. I registered this morning but I never got a confirmation e-mail and Joe got one immediately after getting registered (after a long time trying). So instead of studying for my geochem final tomorrow, I was registering for a race all morning. Oh well, at least I know where my priorities lie :-) And now I have my first registered race on tap for next year, w00t!

Update: These people officially suck. I am now registered twice because I never got a confirmation or a charge on my credit card so I registered again and their stupid server kept crashing so you never really knew if it was processing your registration (unless you got a confimation e-mail). They better refund me that second registration fee!

Joe takes pretty pictures


Joe said...

Registration was a bear. I got in a few times, but when I tried to register, the server timed out, and then I started getting database errors. But one of the times I got the database error (instead of a happy confirmation screen), I got a confirmation email. It was insane.

I emailed the registration folks to make sure I'm actually in there, since I hate computers and don't trust them farther than I can throw them.

Audrey said...

OMG, I am so jealous. I've run the 10-miler twice and the 5k. LOVE IT. But I absolutely cannot sign up for that race in 07. You will enjoy!!!!!!

And I hear geochem is easy. Ok, I actually have no idea what that is.

Lisa said...

"Registration was a bear." I have never heard this figure of speech before, but now I'm stealing it.

Like in my thesis acknowledgements, I'll say, "this thesis was a bear." hee!

I also mistrust computers AND spend a lot of time with them. We should try and see how far we can throw them.

Joe said...

Lisa: When I was in college, I worked for the CS/Math dept. The way we used to dispose of old hardware was to throw it down a 7 story abandoned elevator shaft. So freaking satisfying.

Joe said...

I see that both Danielle and I both have 1 entry in the race confirmation list. Hooray! The note on that page also says they'll be crediting duplicate payments if necessary, so you should get the extra payment back if you made one, D.

Registration is closed, and most of the people I enter races with aren't registered, though. :( The only person I found was my friend Michelle, so yay for Michelle!