Thursday, March 08, 2007

Free money!

So I just got my dividend check from REI this week. Now, I actually don't spend that much money there in a year, but my wonderful mother buys a lot of stuff there for herself and especially for gifts and she puts all her purchases on my membership number so that I get the dividend at the end of the year. So now I have $50 that I have to spend on something fun! Because it is not like I can take the money and put it in my wonderful ING account (Get one if you don't already have one! 5% interest!)

So... what to buy, what to buy... Laurie and Audrey have inspired me to finally break down and buy a heart rate monitor. Also, I really do fear that I am pretty lazy and am not pushing myself as much as I should. Some people are good at gauging this stuff naturally, but I am a numbers person. Now, the horrible dilemma of which one to buy! REI also has a 20% off one item coupon for members until April 1st, so that will help to minimize the amount of money over the dividend that I have to spend.

Decisions! Advice would be appreciated!

In other news, our dog now has a blog: Livin' La Vida Lucky. I need to clarify here that I am in no way responsible for this blog - it's all my roommate. Gees, she is a constant source of entertainment!

<-Look he's already a pro at this blogging thing!

Anyways, time to mentally prepare myself to make thirty 20 year old guys think that I am da statistics bomb and that they should hang on my every enthralling word about standard deviations. Sigh.


Audrey said...

A: You are the statistics da bomb so I don't see the problem.

B: I heard, to get a true resting heart rate, you have to wear your heart rate monitor to bed and then take it when you wake up in the morning before getting out of bed (i'm not sure if you're supposed to sleep with it on all night or just turn it on in the morning).

Then, because that isn't accurate enough, you're supposed to do this 3 days total and average your heart rate from each morning.

Yeah, I have yet to do this. But I do kind wonder what my TRUE resting heart rate is...

As for advice, I went with Polar b/c I think that's the kind that works with all of the machines in the gym. Also, you can get a really cheap one-but those are only good if you're working out alone. If you're going to be running/riding/in the gym with other people you need a slightly more expensive one that is "coded" so that your heart rate wrist watch recognizes only the signal your heart rate strap. That's what I have.


Laurie said...

Listen to Audrey. Polar is the most reputable brand. Their website has good comparisons of all of their models. That's what helped me make my decision in the end. I went with the F11 because I liked the training log feature and it fits all wrist sizes. Good luck!

KHAQQ said...

Woot woot for ING.

Lisa said...

well, of course I dont have anything to say about heart rate monitors (I didn't even realize they, an option).... but maybe you can mesmerize those engineers with cute pictures of your dog! or maybe not...

also, your hair looks really good in that picture.

Al Dimond said...

(My opinion on heart rate monitors is that they, like watches that actually keep time, are a bourgeois trick to extend their period of rule, delaying for yet a few more heartbeats the inevitable march of proletarian revolution! The heart rate monitor may claim to measure beats but it cannot keep its finger on the pulse of the masses! Runners of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your rubberized elasticky straps!)