Sunday, March 04, 2007

I'm pooped.

I just got back from a two hour spinning class. Normally my spin classes are never longer than an hour, but they did a special two hour session today with two of the instructors, including the hawt spinning instructor. Gees, it's like my gym is trying to motivate me with eye candy! If his class wasn't at 6:50 in the morning normally I would totally go to it. But that's about the time I get up, and even cute boys won't get me out of bed any earlier.

Well, anyways, the point of this was not to talk about cute boys but rather to say that I forgot how much I miss doing long workouts! I often go to the gym for two hours, but I never do just one thing - I usually do a mix of running, biking, swimming, etc. But it is not the same. There is something about chugging at the same thing for two hours. You have that beginning part which kinda sucks, but then you get that middle part where you feel great and you're all warmed up and your muscles are moving and you feel like you could go forever, and then the end part when you are beat but you push through to the end.

I just miss the long run. This morning I met some people from my running group for brunch after they ran ten miles outside on a beautiful snowy morning. I ran a mile and a half on the treadmill. That still didn't stop me from partaking in a big old brunch :-) But I was so jealous. That "Gees, I'm exhausted, but I feel so good" feeling that just doesn't happen with shorter workouts. I am so ready for this hamstring to be better so I can go at training full throttle again!

In other news, at brunch this morning, I think I may have hooked three more scientists (including an Ironman) to run with us this summer. Good times...


Audrey said...

wahoo! runner scientists. so hot :)

Sempre Libera said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog.
I hear ya on the difference between a good long run and a long gym-workout (even a good one). It's just not the same! Hope you're able to get back out there soon.

jeanne said...

a two hour spin class, eh? and you're telling me there's a good part to that? I can barely hang on for a pathetic 45 minutes!

Nice work. Spinning is almost as good as running for staying in shape. If it doesn't kill you first, that is.