Saturday, April 07, 2007

My mom is evil.

Today in the mail, I got this:

I am pretty sure this box contains about 7000 calories.

That's about 70 miles of running.

I have run 47 miles this year.

Right now it is all hidden in the freezer, in the hopes I will forget about it.


Laurie said...

Your momma loves you!

I received a similar package yesterday but with more money than chocolate. I just used the money to buy chocolate.

Audrey said...


This just reminded me my own package of chocolate stuff is probably downstairs in the mailroom.

I LOVED this stuff in college (not the healthiest time of my life) when in lived in a dorm with 400 of my best friends. What am I supposed to do with the same amount of chocolate all by myself!??!

Coach Tammy said...

Mmmm... evil cookies. My favorite!

I asked someone today why I didn't get an easter basket. The answer: because a coyote ate the easter bunny.

guess he got to your house before the coyote got him! ;)

Al Dimond said...

Evil cookies? Blasphemy! Cookies are the Right and True way that show us all that the world can be! No means can be wrong when it is for the glorious end of cookies!

It is a true testament to my X-Treme Willpower that I've only yet plowed through half the molasses cookies my mom sent me.

Err... adjusting for cookies eaten during this post, let's call it two-thirds :).