Saturday, April 28, 2007

Not as bad as I thought?

This week at work was another One of Those Weeks (tm), so I had a lot of time to think as I lay awake at night completely unable to sleep. I got to wondering why my knee felt fine and then all of a sudden started killing me when I ran the other day. It wasn't gradual, it was just fine, fine, ow!

So I went for another run today, and tested a theory. When I run, it hurts if I go uphill. I ran 2 miles today, and then purposefully took a hill. Almost as soon as I got on the hill, sure enough, there was my knee. I stopped running immediately, walked down and walked home, and I feel fine now.

The doc said that stairs would be the thing that hurt most when I was first injured, and it seems to makes sense than hills would be a similar motion.

So I think I have a handle on my limitations right now, which means that I can at least start getting back in shape while I work out the kinks.

Hooray! (hopefully)


Danielle in Iowa said...

Well let's hope you get over that little hill issue - running over the continental divide when you can't run uphill might be pretty hard :-)

Al Dimond said...

It definitely makes sense... for pain on the front side of the knee to result when you're pushing hard with front-side muscles like on uphills or stairs. I guess that also means that you're running with OK form and not pushing with your quads on flat land. It's probably pretty uncommon, but for many years I ran (and also walked, to some degree) on the flats like I was on an uphill.

Joe said...

I played soccer yesterday; made it through 70 minutes of the game, and then felt my knee threatening to start hurting, so I sat down. Came home, used the heating pad, and no pain today, even walking up and down stairs. So I guess I am doing alright. Go team!