Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Me and the Old Farts

Went to the pool this morning.

Forgot it was water aerobics time.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

I think maybe I burned a 100 calories in 45 minutes.

That most definitely did not make up for the ten cadbury mini-eggs that I ate on the way to the gym.
And the ten I ate on the way home from the gym.

See, I keep them in my car, since I drive so infrequently, so that I am not tempted by them.

So I had to make that breakfast for the morning. Sigh.

In good news though, I was thinking that perhaps doing "speed work" in the pool might work. It is hard to do quick turnover running in the pool, so if I can work on that there, when I get out of the water, quick turnover should be easier on the road maybe?

And it's official - four of us (me, Kori, Joe, and Al) are doing the last two days of RAGBRAI on fellow Scientist Jessica's team. Well, presuming that we get in the lottery. It might be more crowded this year since apparently Lance Armstrong is doing the whole thing, not just one day like he did last year. Keeping our fingers crossed!


Coach Tammy said...

Make sure you flash LA. I heard you get beads for that at RAGBRAI, just like in Nawlins! :D

P.S. Upgrade to BETA.

Danielle said...

I was going to upgrade to beta, but apparently it is somewhat complicated with team blogs. Still trying to figure that out!

Joe said...

I was having dinner w/ a friend from my old job tonight, and I was telling her about RAGBRAI. Her boyfriend is from Iowa, and he's ridden it a few times before. We were both shocked that she'd actually heard of it (when I was explaining what it was, she was more surprised than I was that she knew what it was).

Kim said...

grr my first comment didnt publish.

i laughed aloud at your post... i dont know how you stopped at the 10 cadbury mini-eggs. i would have eaten the entire 1 pound bag. i think the 500 calories i burned at spin class this morning was used up by the spoonful of hotfudge i had on my ice cream sundae today! :) happy easter!

jinx protocol said...

That's funny. I just posted about a situation I had with Taco Bell yesterday. For the rest of the afternoon after lunch, I did the work of two people - basically running around like a maniac - to minimize the damage to my body. Here's to having a holiday every month! Yay! At least you're hardcore. I've been nothing but sedentary since starting the third book.

bryan said...

Almost everyone gets in to RAGBRAI with no problem. If you don't, check the RAGBRAI message boards -- wristbands start showing up for sale in late June. No sweat.