Friday, August 10, 2007


First off, Jessica is injured, so we are now down two runners. Gees! Like I need more to stress me out!

And... I have been tagged by Duane.

Jobs I’ve Held
Concession stand worker at Great Woods (now the Tweeter Center) in MA
QA/QC for data entry at a health insurance company (ugh! boring!)
Lots of sciencey research jobs
Water sanitation engineer in the Peace Corps

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over
Legally Blonde
Indiana Jones

My Guilty Pleasures
The Girls Next Door
Hostess cupcakes
Reading blogs instead of doing my research

Places I Have Lived (in order)
Newton MA
Ithaca NY
Schenectady NY
Dominican Republic
Somers NY
Urbana IL
Woods Hole MA
Ames IA

Shows I Enjoy
Ellen (when I am "working at home")
How I Met Your Mother
My Boys

Places I Have Been on Vacation
Driving cross-country for a month
Lots of places in the Rockies to ski
England, France, the Netherlands
Puerto Rico

Favorite Foods
Asian food
Diet Dr. Pepper

Websites I Visit Daily
My Google Reader
Grist Magazine
The Onion

Body Parts I Have Injured

Broken baby toe

Awards You’ve Won
Speedy Speaker Award in my sophomore public speaking class
Most Aggressive Spanish Speaker from my Peace Corps group
Other boring ones

Nicknames You’ve Been Called

I am supposed to tag five people, but I am just going to tag my fellow blogmates here...


Audrey said...

i can't believe you've lived so many places since Newton!

thumbs up to legally blonde and indiana jones.

Duane said...

Hey Danielle!

bryan said...

woods hole? there's a place called Woods Hole? Seriously?

jeanne said...

i love woods hole. srsly. but come on, that's the best you can do with job history?? Where's the crappy waitress job, the burger king, the mr. DONUT?!?!

i'm afraid you've missed out on some livin'. (but that is a very cool peace corps award!) adios!

peter said...

Your movie choices reminded me of my kids, who refused to watch any B&W offerings. They refused to watch any pre-Jaws movie. You should have seen them when I tried to show them the silent Ben Hur (a classic) movie! (They could read, fine, at the time.) Too bad they eschewed Dr. Strangelove, 2001, Casablanca, and Wizard of Oz.