Friday, August 17, 2007


Last night, we got locked in the track at the high school.

Okay, that's a lie. There was an open entrance but it was waaay far away. We just ran 4+ miles - we didn't want to walk all the way around, because we're lazy like that.

Kori had gone out that entrance and I and two other girls had parked in the school lot (since we didn't know the secret parking places near the track entrance). So she left and I was supposed to meet her at her house to go out for one of our typical "devour all the calories we just burned in chips and salsa and margaritas" post-run sessions.

So the three of us wander back to our cars, except our original entrance is now closed. One of the girls decides she will scale the chain link fence and gets some nice scrapes up her arm (the top of the fence was *not* user-friendly). The other girl decides to follow suit, also scraping herself up.

And then there was me. The biggest wuss in the world. Who is thinking "maybe I'll just walk around the long way." I tried. Really. I was straddling the top of the fence and I could not get my toes into the holes to get some leverage to get over the top bar. And my shorts kept getting caught on the top of the fence, leading me to these images of ripping my shorts at the local high school. And my ankles don't handle jumping from a distance well! And what if I hurt my foot? That would be my luck - twist an ankle a week before the relay. But really, I was just a big wuss.

Eventually one of the other girls had a brilliant idea of letting me in through the high school, so I was finally freed. I returned to my car to this message from Kori:

"So I have been sitting in my driveway for like a half an hour waiting for you [note: it was 10 minutes]. Have you been mugged at the high school or something? Where are you?"

Note to team: Don't stand between Kori and Mexican food :-)

On the plus side, I think my foot is getting better. My foot has been sore, but after Big Creek I didn't limp at all, which is an improvement. I ran a solitary mile yesterday and then due to peer pressure did over 4 today. Things aren't all puppies and rainbows, but I think at least I can make it through the relay (since we are still down two people, I have no option but to make it through the relay!).


Laurie said...

Ha! That sounds so much like Kori. Apparently I'm not the only one with a thing for Mexican food. I'm thinking Mexican and margaritas after the GRR. Yummy.

I'm glad your foot is feeling a little better.

Audrey said...

good news about your foot! and good track adventure!

Duane said...

Glad your foot is getting better!

Ryan said...

Fun times especially the part about post run margaritas! Btw great Tri last weekend it's always a good sign you poured you heart out when they toss you in an ambulance at the end of the race...nice job ;-)

Sempre Libera said...

I love that even runners get too lazy to go that extra couple hundred meters. :-) Glad you made it out without the accompanying h.s. nightmare!

Wendy said...

Yeah, I'm not an "over the fence sort" either!

peter said...

Watch, or watch again, West Side Story for pointers on chain-link fence climbing.

Phoenix said...

I have this image of you stradling the fence - OMG, that is so something I would do. Glad you escaped without injury! And I'm sure the 'Ritas made it all worthwhile ;)