Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So, I'm a fear'd for my foot.

So a week ago Saturday, I e-mailed my friend Erin whose wedding is the same weekend as the Twin Cities Marathon. I asked her how late I can RSVP because there is always a chance I'll get injured and can't run and going to her wedding will be a nice consolation prize (there is talk of a scavenger hunt in San Francisco - this will not be your typical wedding).

Sunday morning I woke up and I had a little ache near my heel on the inside of the arch. Then I went out and rode the Big Creek course and did a mile run off the bike (with a guy in my running group who runs waaay faster than me but who slummed it with me - I was gasping for air by the end). My foot hurt a bit, but not too bad.

Monday night, I did hills.
Tuesday morning it was a little more sore. Tuesday night was the CyRide run.
Wednesday morning, Danielle is limping around the house.

I took Wednesday and Thursday off and then there was RAGBRAI, but biking didn't bother it.

Monday morning I went for a 4 mile run, my first since Tuesday. The last mile, my foot was killing me and then I proceeded to limp around for a day and a half afterwards.

This does not bode well.

I am already behind on Twin Cities training, since I wanted to ramp up more slowly to avoid aggravating my hamstring again. I can't really afford to take a couple of weeks off. If I can get up to 18 miles, I'll do it, but that is looking iffy. It's two months away and my long run right now is 9.5 miles.

I'm not sure if I should go cold turkey on running for a week or two and hope it gets better? Or perhaps only run when it doesn't hurt? Even if I don't do Twin Cities, there is an Oly tri and a relay this month that I am going to do no matter what!

Aarrrgh! Can I not make it a couple of months without hurting something please?



peter said...

Foot pain. Not good. There is no good answer. Taking time off to R&R always helps but who has time to do that. Let pain be your guide?

Laurie said...

Not good. Injuries stink and you can't even blame it on ramping up your mileage too fast. I hope it feels better soon.

Phoenix said...

See a doc who's a runner! And get better!!! And, please, take time off if your body needs it - you only get one of them, so you need to make it last.

I understand your frustration though, I've been known to threaten injured body parts with replacement if they don't get it together and heal. Strangely, said body parts were not amused.

Audrey said...

if we lived near each other we could pool run together...b/c that's where i did MY run today.

:( sorry about your tootsie :(

Jay T said...

I have a radical idea right up your alley. A little scientific experiment to discover how much you need to drink to dull the foot pain, but not so much that you can't run in a straight line. That way you'll be able to run the marathon AND claim you conquered nagging foot pain AND get your drink on.

Hope the foot pain goes away soon and you're able to enjoy all your planned events trouble-free.

Running In Oz said...

Argh! Sorry to hear about your foot woes. If rest and stretching don't do the trick, maybe you could find a good physical therapist. They can work miracles with an athlete's uncooperative body.

Hope everything heals so you can resume all your training and racing plans.

Duane said...

See the doc/PT before it's too late. Hope you have good luck with it!

Amy said...

Gotta default to my dad's advice on this one...if it hurts, don't keep doing it. Time for a break or some advice from a doc.

21stCenturyMom said...

Bummer about your foot - do go see a doc or a PT stat. And stay off your foot and ice it for a couple of days.