Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Here is a picture of me.

Here I am running. I paid for this pic so I am showing as many people as I can get to look at it. Facebook. Parents. Bloggers. This is me out enjoying the woods. It is a way cooler backdrop than an urban bridge or building, eh?? Also, every running pic I see of myself has me looking like I am about to trip over my feet. Who runs like that?? Also, please note how much harder it looks like Al is running (see below) in his race than I am in mine.


Danielle in Iowa said...

Al looks almost pained, you are enjoying the scenery :-) And any photo where the leg muscles are all defined is a good one to pay for :-)

Anyways, my arms are always swinging all the way across my body in all the photos I take!

peter said...

You're right, Al needs to learn to relax while he runs. Then he might join us mere mortals. :) The shades make all the difference.

Fran said...

Yes, nice backdrop. I don't think you look like you're going to trip over your feet. If you were looking down at your feet, like I commonly am seen doing in my pics, it would look like you're tripping over your feet.

bryan said...

Yeah, but Al is running downhill. Of course he's going to look faster.

Meghan said...

Hi Audrey!

Look how cute you are! And you are so danged self depreciating about it! You look focused and determined and strong to me.

Have a nice day!

PS. I read the duathlon race report above also, and your a stud for the two end-of-race passes! Congrats!