Friday, October 26, 2007

Sorry to disappoint

So I run/bike a lot. And I guess I talk about it a lot. I mean, I don't go on and on about it b/c I know no one wants to hear about it, but whenever people ask me what I'm doing after work or on the weekend...the answer is usually running, biking, spinning, and/or racing. Since I lost a couple of pounds people also apparently think I look like a competitive runner of sorts.

This is very bad, however, because my performances do not meet their expectations by a long shot. I feel kind of awkward about it truthfully. For example, my officemate thought I had to be careful about what I consumed because I was subject to drug testing. I informed him that while that would be extremely flattering, even if I took supplements no one would be suspicious. My sort of boss (not the judge but his clerk) made a guess as to how fast I would complete my duathlon this coming weekend. He underestimated by about 20 minutes-and it's a short race. He said, and I quote: "But you're tiny." Sorry peeps. Small doesn't=fast. And, after running for 7 years, I don't think I'm going to get any faster. This is IT. As has been proven time and again, looks are so deceiving on this topic. I know for a fact I am going to get my butt kicked at this race by a woman in my age group who doesn't look like a typical fast runner. But she is wicked (wicked) fast! And will continue to kick my ass weekly until I turn 30....


Danielle in Iowa said...

Haha, I always win the expectations game because I think no one has expectations of me being fast!

Shaun said...

You seemed pretty quick the last time I saw you race. Fast is really relative though. It's kinda like being "in shape." There are always people that are quicker however fast you get. Some people think of me as being quick but even when I was at my best, mid 20's, I got beat by people twice my age.

Before I get too long winded let me say that just because some crazy fast person beats you that doesn't make you slow. Besides these types of races should be more about how you see yourself.