Friday, October 19, 2007

Time for Pi!

So tomorrow is the Pi Mile Run in Ames. There are actually two 5ks tomorrow in Ames so I had a hard time deciding which to do.

Until I found out the other one is up at the lake where I do my research. It is windy as f#%$ up there these days. I should know - my little meteorological station out there on the lake sends me data every two hours. I would like to where I put this data up on the interweb, but Danielle knows nothing about putting real-time data up, so she has neglected to do so, even though she told the city she would. Oops!

I also know it is windy up there because I ran 6 miles up there yesterday in the blowing pouring rain. I met my running group up there at 5:30 and it wasn't raining and then it slowly started. Almost everyone else was faster than me and running the Des Moines Marathon on Saturday, so I ran with my friend Bill who is training for the Big Sur Half and needed to do a slow 7. Even though I got drenched (hello! white cotton t-shirt not the best choice!), I managed to run it at 9:51 pace - go me! I haven't run 6 miles at once since Big Creek. The foot hurt while I was running, but a night sleeping with the splint seemed to help it out so I don't even notice it today.

But anyways, how happy am I to be back running? I have been sticking to the short distances lately and really it takes at least 3 miles for me to start feeling good. I felt great last night, just being out there.

The other reason I am doing the Pi run again is that this is my 5k PR race from last year. I am not messing with a good thing. I don't intend to PR, but a PR for this year would be nice (meaning anything under 30 minutes). We shall see...

The one negative is that the age groups are 25-34 which means my last race in my 20s will be done in the same age group I'll be in next year. Oh well, I think I'll survive. Plus, with the fast college girls are eliminated, my chances of being first in my age group again get better :-)


Audrey said...

hi danielle!!!! kick some booty tomorrow!!!

Rainmaker said...

Good luck! 5K's are fun, it's kinda like eating ice cream - you just get enjoying it and it's all over.

Wendy said...

Yay for being out there!!! (A pi run just sounds like too much fun.)