Friday, October 05, 2007

Repurposing my aerobars

I have a flat on my hybrid that I am too lazy to change so I am commuting on my road bike. One unforeseen advantage to this is that aerobars are a really good place to carry stuff:
Really! They are quite awesome for takeout that comes in containers that may leak!

In running news, I actually ran like 5 times last week. I am sticking to short distances (3-4 miles) but things have been okay! Although my foot randomly hurts a lot today - perhaps it is because I apparently took my night splint off while I was sleeping - no recollection of doing this, whatsoever!

And Kori is two days away from the Twin Cities Marathon! Agony of DaFeet teammate Kimberly and I are driving up on Sunday to cheer her on. Both of us were registered and can't run. Kimberly, who never gets overuse injuries, twisted her ankle on a walnut on a bike path on her second 20-miler, three weeks ago. I can't even begin to complain about my foot, when I got shut down when I was up to only 9 milers. She totally put in the work and now is out of commission. Talk about major suckitude!

Oh and just because this picture was also on my camera when I downloaded the one above - I heart Ithaca! This is from a bridge in the middle of the Cornell campus. This is also a nerdy picture because the old hydraulics lab can be seen under the bridge from back in the day when they used to use the elevation from the falls to drive the flow through the flumes in the lab. How cool would it be to have a lab in the bottom of a gorge? To continue this nerdy exposition, a lab that still uses the elevation from a waterfall is Saint Anthony Falls Lab at the University of Minnesota (it's right on the Mississippi and is also a pretty cool lab). Note that my lab is currently in the basement with a big broken flume and I fight constant turf wars with professors and grad students who think that part of the lab would be a great place for storage of their old crap that they will never use again. I returned to my alma mater for the wedding of a fellow fluid dynamicist -a good part of the cocktail hour was spent stratifying fluids with other fluids nerds. Let me tell you that red wine on top of sprite is quite striking!


Clyde S Dale said...

Kind of like a little buffet on wheels. Happing grazing!!

Laurie said...

Yes, but can you say 'dynamicist' while drinking red wine and Sprite?

Love the new use for your aerobars. You are so good at finding multiple uses for things.

Wendy said...

Lovin' the commuter bars!

Audrey said...

hi nerd!! :) isn't it awesome being around people who "get" you!!

i had to try not to roll my eyes today when someone was talking about how her sister-in-law is a psycho b/c she ran a 10 mile on one day and 5K the next. i mean, impressive. but not shocking for our lifestyle :) miss ya!

Duane said...

Hey Danielle! Glad you're running, heal up fast!

Running In Oz said...

Hooray for healing feet! Glad to hear you are back out on the road.