Saturday, November 22, 2008

Unintentional bloggy meetup!

So today was the Living History Farms cross country race. Last year was a blast, but since my "long runs" are four miles these days, I decided to abstain and just volunteer (although being undertrained doesn't stop the vast majority of the runners of this race...)

My job was to hand out the chips. This is the first year they used chips. I'm actually sort of curious how well it worked, considering everyone's feet are submerged in water at least once during this race.

Anyway, this year I got to stay dry and just cheer for people and ring some cowbell. I was cheering for the folks from my running group when, lo and behold! Along comes Miss Allycat! We chatted it up for a bit after the race. I am pretty sure there was a commitment in there to come down and run for doughnuts next year...

In my own personal running news, I suck! Okay, maybe not royally, but I have been lazy lately. But the National Half Marathon in DC in March is tenatively on the plate. And I have some Jewish computer nerd ass to kick. So I better get crackin'!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I don't think you can kick in the ass-al area because it's not kosher. Fortunately, you can boot him in the nuts. Then, since he's a computer nerd, reboot.

I think your blog may be anti-Semitic because it made me use the word verification "rotho". What are you implying, Blogger? Just come out and say it, you coward!

kt said...

Oooo, the National Half Marathon would be fun!

Better get running.

Steve Stenzel said...

Sweet!! Maybe if I can make it, there will be another meet-up at the donut run!!

Rainmaker said...

Well....if you do National - you know who's here. And who's likely goind to do it as well (the half).

Joe said...

oh, silly goyim. jews rule.

April said...

Yay for creepy internet friends!

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KrissyGo! said...

Hey, so I like checking in on your blog and I'm not even trying to sell anything!

AND I think you can totally rock out the half mary in March!

AND I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Alas, I am buried under three papers this break, so I won't make it out, but it was super-duper of you to invite me -- hope the bird turns out!

MissAllycat said...

Bring on the donuts, baby! ;)

jeanne said...

take the detergent, leave the gun.

you're comin' to d.c.?? You know who ELSE is here right? and runnin' the half, too! as god is my witness...