Monday, January 22, 2007

The Jane Fondas of the swimming pool

On Saturday, Kori and I attempted to go swimming after a core class at the gym. We get to the pool and there is a water aerobics class going on and unfortunately had just started. In this case, they block off all but one lane of the pool for the class and there was someone swimming in it. Since apparently we are incapable of swimming three people in a lane (oh, the horror!), we decided "Why not?" and we joined the class. We were by far the youngest people in this class.

Let me tell you, water aerobics is the most freaking boring thing in the entire world. I would rather swim back and forth and back and forth and back and forth any day. It got to the point that when we had to "power jump" in the water, I started throwing my arms up into the air on each jump in a mockery of joyous leaping.

Finally, the girl in the lane left and we got to swimming laps.

Someone has really got to give the water aerobics people a brief lesson in basic pool ettiquette. We were constantly being interrupted by old people who would just walk into the lane, right in front of us so that we had to stop. It's like the idiots who cross the bike lane without looking.

Just because you're old doesn't mean you get to be rude.

I'm talking to you, Joe ;-)


Lisa said...

that was hilarious!

I love old people.

Joe said...

I'm not rude.

I'm crotchety.

God damned kids with your music and drugs and not knowing proper descriptive words.

Laurie said...

You'll love water aerobics when you're 65. Just you wait.

Jay T said...

Damn whippersnappers showing no respect. I'm going to giggle my old butt off when Joe beats you silly with his walker.

Err...I'm not helping, am I?

Kevin said...

Water aerobics...classic

Every now and then I get to the pool and see old people walking down the lane, shuffling down the lane, etc, and, while it irritates me that they are wasting a perfectly good lap lane for such a lame form of exercise, I have to give them props for wanting to stay in shape.

a.maria said...

i'm constantly surprised by how weird people are about pool sharing.


Danielle said...

Some girl went all bitchy on me once when I tried to share her lane and ever since I have been generally afraid of sharing with strangers!