Friday, September 28, 2007

8 Days to TCM

If you know me, you know that being more obsessive actually alleviates my nerves. So, I started packing today.

Twin Cities Marathon is 8 days away!! yippeee! yikes!

I packed my gu, my race book that I must have to pick up my bib, and my shorts. I have not yet found the matching sock to my favorite pair so I'm doing laundry. Do I need to carry extra socks with me even though I don't on training runs? In case it rains? Does someone know this stuff?

I read my race book. They give shirts and medals to you after you cross the finish line and if you don't finish in 6 hours you don't get to be an official finisher and have to get on the sag wagon. That scares me. Truly, if even on my slow, slow long run days I won't be pushing 6 hours, it's the "what if's" that have started. What if my knee hurts? What if I have to walk. . .how much can I walk and still come in in 6 hours - Danielle, can you do some math for me? What if this stupid cold that I have settles in my chest and I have to cough and can't breathe?

Something's wrong with me. Seriously wrong. I am nervous 8 days early! It may not be helping that I've been taking nighttime tylenol cold medicine all day long today. I'm a little weird.

Now, I'm going to do an experiement - what if I take cold medicine with mountain dew. What will the effect be. . . . .


Audrey said...

hi kori!! you're going to do fabulous and come in way super under 6 hours. for reals. enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle in Iowa said...

I don't think you'll need extra socks! But carry your cell phone and give me a spare pair and I'll meet you with dry socks if you need them!

You're going to do awesome! I am sad this stupid foot is keeping me from doing this with you!

And if you average 13.5 minute miles you can finish under 6 hours, so even if you can half at 10 minute miles, you just have to walk the other half at 17 minute miles, which you can totally do!

Kori said...

Thanks guys! It's strange that I'm thinking about this this far out. Maybe I'll be all relaxed by the end of the week!

Thanks for the encouragement. I don't have a time goal, but I do have a "be an official finisher" goal. ha :)