Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm an idiot. But I'm on workout vacation.

Hey. I'm still kicking. But I'm not exactly fit. I'm on a workout vacation. I'm still running 3 times a week (I just raced 5 miles in 90 degree heat for a personal worst by 5 minutes) and occasionally biking and even less occasionally swimming. But I'm definitely less fit. And I don't really care. This is a huge rest and recovery moment before I start training with vigor for triathlons in 08. I lifted once. For fun. I did some sit-ups. I'm doing random things that haven't made it into my schedule previously.

I had a whole bunch of triathlon races on my schedule this month that I am just not going to. B/c I don't feel like it. I'm RESTING. And it feels lovely.

I'm in the thick of organizing my school's triathlon team. We got the school's blessing and funding last week. Since I have no desire to race, one teammate was hit by a car while bike riding, and the others didn't know whether or not we would be approved, we aren't competing this year. We are basically organizing in 07-08, competing in other random events, and then will compete in the collegiate league in fall 08 (god-willing my last year of eligibility since i graduate in spring 09.) Tonight I went to my school's cycling team's first organizational meeting of the year to recruit triathletes (and got 6!). I walked away from the meeting wanting to do some crazy bike riding in all kinds of events I don't even know what they are-except that all of the leaders of that group have crazy scars all over them. I mean, all over. Yeah, they're hard core. The tri stuff is cool b/c my teammates range in age from 27 (me) to 18. There are grad and undergrad divisions so 18 year old guys don't have to compete against 27 year old guys. How no fair would that be??

I'm also dating the triathlete AGAIN. I really shouldn't write that since I complained about him on the blog. But it's different this time. :) I write that to be funny b/c I know that sounds ridiculous. Oh well!! I'm an idiot. But we like each other!! I have to go to sleep but I am waiting to see if the contact that is behind my eyeball comes out. So far no such luck.


Danielle in Iowa said...

I heart not doing anything for once! As long as i do a little something here and there I don't feel gross.

Maybe the second time around will work better since he can't make you feel bad about your training :-)

And I hate it when I lose my contact that way! I always have these visions of needing to go to the ER, but it always comes out...

Coach Tammy said...

LOL... I thought this was Danielle's post, and then saw her commenting to herself. That girl is loosin' it! ha!

Anyway, good job taking a little R&R from structured training. This is the perfect time of year for a physical and mental break from the insanity.

Good luck with "the" triathlete, and the contact lens.

peter said...

Hit by a car? Contact behind the eye? Team formed that doesn't compete? Dissing and dating? What else is going on!