Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm not slow-just hot

Wooooohooooo! 22:32 (7:16 min/mile). This is my second fastest 5K ever. (My PR being 21:42).

I'm actually increasing my mileage right now, I raced last weekend, and I went biking yesterday so there was no sort of taper. Just a...ooh crap, I overslept for my triathlon. Let me do some laundry, swiffering, dusting, dishes...Hey, isn't there a 5K a couple of miles away this morning? Google. Get on bike. Go to race.

There were cooler temps. It felt...ahhhhhhh. I was the third woman. The second place woman was 22:17. There were no mile markers, I never run hard so I had no idea of pace, and I was super afraid of bonking (my usual since I typically go out too fast). But I wasn't even hurting at the end. I wish I had gone after #2!!!!!

I also beat by 4 minutes the 57 y/o woman who beat me in the 90 degree 5 miler a couple of weeks ago. I think the heat affects me more than other people. I disintegrate.

I am so relieved to be running in the realm of fit. This is the longest stretch of running (since January) without injury I've had since ~2002. I wonder how fast I could go if I trained for this distance?

Finally, I also learned (again) not to predict how fast people are and get psyched out by what people look like. There were women in running clothes lining up near the front-and I passed them after 50 feet. Lesson learned-until the next time a skinny, barely wearing clothing runner out-psychs me.

And congrats Al (check out his race reports below!).


Danielle in Iowa said...

Gosh I can't believe that the two of you deign to run with ten minute milers like myself! Rock on with both of your bad selves!

ShoreTurtle said...

Awesome job!

Amanda said...

Dude looks are so deceiving!! There are old men who go flying by me and these super star little high schoolers that I leave in my dust. That's why I dress like wonderwoman, it jus psychs them out...ok haven't done that yet, but I should!

Al Dimond said...

Nice race! Too bad you overslept for the triathlon, though. I've done that before, it's pretty frustrating.

It's hard to judge pace in races where you're running faster than most of your training. That's just one more benefit to doing intense interval training like my team did in high school. Back then all long runs just felt "slow" but I could feel the difference between going out too fast and too slow in a 5k; now all short runs just feel "fast" but I can pace out longer runs nicely.

Tea said...

WOW! You are forrest gump fast!

Beth said...

Awesome job Audrey! Cooler weather is the bomb isn't it? But aside, I think you are just getting fitter and fitter! Tri training is good for the injury prevention! :) Congrats!

Fran said...

Way to go Audrey!

peter said...

You are fast Audrey and I'm glad your training is in its "paying dividends" phase. Nice race report.