Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sound of Silence

So... haven't had much to say lately since I haven't been running.

Or biking.

Or swimming.

The slothfulness is starting to get to me.

The foot starts to get better but then I have a day where I walk around a lot and it kills me.

I officially have to wear a splint at night now:
(Hot! It's a good thing I'm single! Note that isn't my leg - I may get lazy about shaving, but at least I'm blonde.)

It is all rather depressing.

And I went from hanging out with runners, who mostly are a good influence on me (although Kori and I sometimes manage to eat back every calorie we burn in chips and salsa and margaritas after a workout) to hanging out with political staffers who buy me beer and are otherwise a bad influence on me (Guess who overslept after dollar pint night last Wednesday and almost missed her flight to Ithaca! Let me say that flying in the clothes you passed out on your bed in the night before is always classy! And how come, for the first time in like ten years, I actually had a plane seat next to a cute boy?)

Sigh. This foot needs to get better ASAP!


Audrey said...


I don't really like swimming in a pool so when I'm injured, even though I can sometimes swim, it seems like insult to injury to swim. How not fun is it to replace something you like with something you don't!??!! More fun to do other things!! Hope the political stuff is going well.

Feel better toots.

ShoreTurtle said...

You've got a good reason for not exercising. I don't anything anyone would accuse you of slothfulness.

I like the photo of someone else's foot.

Laurie said...

Oh my. Your foot sounds like my leg. It just never wants to get better. Damn running injuries. I hope you get better soon!

peter said...

This post, about such a sad subject like injuries, is hilarious.

Duane said...

Positive vibes on the way. And just so you know, even in the clothes you slept in, I'm sure he still thought you were hot. Because you are!

Sempre Libera said...

Ouch! Feel better soon!