Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Okay, we're going to try this again...

My last race declaration was for the Twin Cities Marathon. Considering that is in a month and my longest run has been 9.5 miles and my plantar fasciitis is bothering me a lot, running that isn't even a possibility.

I contemplated trying to do the Des Moines Half-Marathon in 6 weeks, but I am pretty sure I would be disappointed in my result. I'm just one of those people who doesn't like to run a race unless she can PR (especially longer distance races). I have actually only run three half marathons (ha! 2004 Danielle would find the *only* part of that laughable), my PR being 2:15 in Toronto last year, so the bar isn't ridiculously high, but I need to be training more consistently than my foot allows now.

So, in possible pursuit of Rock Star status, WWR teammate Joe has convinced me to sign up for the Rock n Roll Half-Marathon in Phoenix in January. Registration fees go up $15 on 9/15, so I bucked up and registered.

Now I have four months to get this foot better and get in some semblance of running shape. I figure that isn't overly ambitious, right? Is there a goat I can sacrifice to the plantar fasciitis gods to expedite recovery?

Well anyways, I declare "Game on!" once again!

Aside: In somewhat convenient news, Phoenix is the weekend before the Iowa caucuses which means that I will be able to avoid the craziness that is Iowa when every candidate and their mother rolls into town. Scratch that. That was just a brave facade, as a political nerd like myself is somewhat sad that I will miss the pre-caucus hubaloo - although at the rate things are going, the caucuses will be in December! Since the odds of me being in Iowa in four years are essentially zero, I am actually really excited to be living here during this time. Go JRE!


Spandex King said...

I did this race last year and the weather was really, really bad. Like the coldest day in Phoenix in 15 years. 27!!! 27 at the start and the warmest it got was 43 all day. I'm planning on giving it another shot this year. I have family in Phoenix so it's kind of a no brainer for me. Visit the family and run a great race. It can't be cold two years in a row, can it?

Wendy said...

Game On!

(Get that foot better!)

Jay T said...

Hope your foot completely heals up and you're able to PR this race!

And don't feel bad about missing out on Twin Cities. You've had enough of Minnesota to last the rest of the year.

Laurie said...

Jay's comment made me laugh and cry a little too. I don't think you can ever have too much Minnesota! But I'm slightly biased, only slightly ;)

Phoenix sounds like fun. I sure wish I had some spare cash to run the race too.

Audrey said...

hi!!! yeah for a goal race! booo for foot still hurting. :(

Steve S. said...

To bad for Twin Cities - I love cheering at the race!

And me, having a NSFW warning?!?! NEVER!! :-)

Sempre Libera said...

"That was just a brave facade, as a political nerd like myself is somewhat sad that I will miss the pre-caucus hubaloo"

Hehehe. This makes me feel better for secretly wishing every four years that I lived in a more electorally important state :-)

peter said...

Boo for plantar fasciitis. Yay for JRE. Too bad about the TCM. (Nice nice marathon.) Phoenix Half, that sounds like a plan! If you were lucky, it'd be in the 27-44 temperature degree range. Perfect once you get going.

Al Dimond said...

Ah, national politics. All the fun politics here are at the state and local level. It is, as you might expect, everyone against Governor Blagojevich, who is very good at grandstanding, and very bad at... well, every other aspect of life in general, but mostly cooperating with people.

He did run leg 8 of River to River the same year I did, which was kind of cool. Didn't get much of a response from the downstate folk, though.

In other news... I don't know how you can say that you don't race very much. You race literally about ten times as often as I do!

bryan said...

I've learned not to count on plantar facitis problems going away quickly, but I'll hope for yours to pull a quick turnaround.

21stCenturyMom said...

That sounds like an excellent plan. I hope Phoenix is a little warmer this year but even if it isn't, running in the cold can be okay if you are prepared for it.

Rock on!! (oops - nerd alert!)

jeanne said...

PF, JRE, TCM, WWR--we go us some alphabet soup goin' on!

I like your plan. and Game On it is! your PF will be VMB by Jan.

and i'd love to be there for the caucuses...but i can content myself with watching cspan.