Monday, September 24, 2007

I am losing my motivation

For those of you that don't know, I need to explain that I have trained for a marathon for three years. Not continually. But, my ITBand has flared up every year and prevented me from running. This year, I seem to have managed that problem and am pretty much ready. A little update.
  • I have 10 toes and 6 toenails.
  • I have yet to find a pair of shoes that remains confortable and blister free for 20 miles.
  • I foam roller four times a day
  • And, this week, I've completely lost my motivation to run

Really, I have a marathon in two weeks and I'm doing everything I can to avoid running. I don't want to run. I want to sink into slothdom, eat sugar and watch movies. I psyco analize myself and wonder if I'm nervous about this marathon so am avoiding the whole running thing all together. I don't really know. I need an excuse for running to be fun again (like our relay). Any input?


Danielle in Iowa said...

Let's run a 5k this weekend! And then we can go get Mexican! There is a Tornado Alley 5k in Algona - where's that? I just managed to run 3.5 miles and it felt good because I didn't care and I still managed to do it sub-10 min/miles (Garmin said 9:26 min/miles, but I don't believe her).

Laurie said...

I think it's common to lose motivation during the taper. You will come around and feel excited about your race again.

peter said...

Hear, hear! Chicago in 2 weeks and I ran a "speed" mile on Sunday (I had planned 16) to see if I could still break seven minutes. I did, so I treated myself to the rest of the day off. Today I swear I was going to run during the noon hour but I went to the food court instead. It only helps to run with people at this stage (a fast runner showed up at my group on Saturday so I went a brisk ten miles with her). Otherwise, nada.

bryan said...

I'm from Algona! It's a little less than two hours from Ames. Say hi to my parents while you're there.

Actually, that's a good, fast course. My 10K PR came there two years ago.

Kori -- I'd just uh ... not run. For a long time. It seems like you really, really don't want to. But wait until after your marathon.

Duane said...

Back away from the sugar! Gert off the couch and go shopping! :-)

Kori said...


You are hilarious. I respond to you by saying - I am a runner! HOw can I NOT run!!! Maybe you are using negative psychology on me????

bryan said...

Hey, not running is easier than it seems. I do it all the time! I relapse about once a week and then get right back to it.

Trust me, I'm not smart enough to use any sort of psychology on anybody. I can't even mess with my dogs' minds.