Friday, September 28, 2007

Ode to Danielle's Foot

I have a friend names Danielle
who has entered running hell
she has fasciatis of the foot
and can't get at the root
of what is causing the problem
I'm at home full of phlem
from this cold that I have
and it makes me very sad
that she can't run the marathon with me


Danielle in Iowa said...

Aw, but you know that the third and fourth lines only rhyme if you are from Iowa and pronounce "root" funny :-)

And I think you need to lay off the cough medicine! :-)

Kori said...

Root is pronounced like the root of a plant. You pronounce route like I pronounce root.

Shall we check the online dictionary?

well, on route, we are both correct:

Route (root, rout)
But on Root, I am correct (root).

So, perhaps it is you who are funny and not I?


Al Dimond said...

I think I should chime in here and point out that Danielle is definitely the funny one. Kori is Not Funny after taking Tylenol and Mountain Dew. Not even the slightest bit.

(OK, that's not true. You're pretty hilarious.)

*says "root" out loud a few times.* OK, I guess my vowel sound is somewhere between that of "good" and that of "scoop".

Have you ever had a discussion of pronunciation online with people from Australia and New Zealand? It is a hoot! We've tried to figure out for pages what vowel sounds are consistent for all of us, just so that we all can accurately describe how our names are pronounced (in Oceania there aren't many people named Lani, and in America there aren't many people named Tegan, it turns out).

Kori said...


I feel so much better knowing there are people out there to talk pronunciation with me!!! Life is good.