Monday, April 24, 2006

Margaritas and Krispy Kremes, the breakfast of champions!

Yesterday was the ever so fun Donut Run 5K. If I hadn't signed up a week ago, there is no way I would have done that race. It being VEISHA, there were lots of bands playing for free on campus the night before. As I have no natural resistance to peer encouragement, there was a little too much tequila consumed that night before heading out to see Cross Canadian Ragweed and Rober Earl Keen.

So I woke up Sunday morning still feeling hazy with my stomach not feeling 100%, but I paid my $15 gosh darnit, so I was going to run that race. I was also resolute in meeting my four donut goal. The race was at 9am, so I had plenty of time to get up and clear my head (I find it very hard to sleep past 7am). Once I got running, I actually felt okay. I even ate three donuts and still felt pretty okay. The fourth donut though, man that was hard to get down. But I did it. If I had done one more, I would have gotten a 2 minute bonus, but I just couldn't do it. The last half mile was pretty rough, but I made it to the end. My unadjusted time was 30:11 and my donut time was 27:41. Considering it takes me about 30 seconds to eat a donut, my actual running time was probably in the low 28s, which is good for me.

There was a guy in the race dressed up in a full-on Pooh Bear costume (like with a big furry costume and a big Pooh head with his face sticking out under the bear's nose). Apparently Pooh Bear finished the race and then went off into the woods to throw up. While this image is quite funny in my mind, I am sure a few kids were traumatized :-)

I got a sports massage this morning. It was the most painful massage of my life, but she was good. My IT bands were hella tight (the source of the nagging pain on the side of my left knee). I fear the fate of Kori, so I must buy a foam roller so I can massage my own IT bands.

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