Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Green was not meant to be...

Oh how I love the taper! Last week was our second 40 mile week and second 20 mile run. And now we get to lay off for the next two and a half weeks. Ahhhh. I decided to cut back to running only twice a week a) to see if this hamstring will feel better and b) so that I can catch up on my biking and swimming. I am not sure if this is a good idea. Since I haven't run a marathon before I am not sure if the strategy will work or I will end up feeling out of shape on race day.

Yesterday we did a 6 miler (9:41 pace). The stormy weather in the morning gave some respite from the heat - it was only in the high 70s when we ran (although it was humid). I probably should stop complaining about the heat because in two and a half months we'll be running in some pretty hot temps. So, time to suck it up! Although it will be a dry heat, right? Is that better or worse... hmmmm...

Oh, in other news, I received a check from Teresa yesterday, so one more person definitely in! Since she hasn't introduced herself, I will introduce her myself and put this fuzzy picture I found of her on the internet from the Iowa State Daily in 2004. She's been in Australia since January, so she probably has more interesting things to do than write blog entries :-) Anyways, Teresa and I try and save the world together. But Teresa, I will say I am disappointed that you were ever undecided in this matter!

So, in sad news, I could not find my sneakers in my size in green. I think maybe because Asics already has the Nimbus VIII out. But anyways, since I knew what I wanted, I just went to the mall and bought them. Yeah, I usually try to support my local running store (and maybe they would have had green) but my "local" running store is in Des Moines, almost an hour away. I have been using about a tank of gas per month these days, so I couldn't justify driving all the way down there when I didn't need their advice, just shoes. Anyways, I think this store is overrated. After going to the best running store ever, they just don't even compare. Marathon Sports has put me in the perfect running shoe on two separate occasions (and since I just end up buying the same shoe again, really they are responsible for many months of happy running). Last time I went to Fitness Sports I said "I run in Adidas Supernova Cushions and I need new ones." But the new model was different so I didn't like them. They put me in two other Adidas sneakers and I didn't love any of them. And they didn't even suggest another brand. So I ended up with the Adidas Response Cushions that I never loved at all and only became acceptable after I put arch supports in them.

Well, anyways, I ended up getting purple, because that is the only color to be had at the mall. I wasn't even aware there was purple. I wish they were more purple though because then they would at least be more fun. Or at least have silver instead of white like the green ones did. I felt flashy in those. Well, I will turn them red running in that Colorado dirt. In related news, I went to the dentist this morning and they gave me a purple toothbrush.

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