Saturday, May 13, 2006

Take me home, country roads

There is a Police song called "The Madman Running Through the Fields":

You ask me how I've become mad now.
There was a day, I had so much say.
What of my feet? Life seemed to be sweet.
I was admired but I was so tired.

Isn't that the madman, running through the fields?
Isn't that the madman? Wonder how he feels...

That was our theme today as Kori's 20 mile route took us out onto the gravel roads south of Ames past fields and cows. It was 40 degrees and spitting out when we left - fortunately the rain held off. Of course we spent about 6 miles of that running directly into 15 mph winds (with 20-25 mph gusts). I really had never experienced wind until I moved to the Midwest. And the wind is always the worst on the country roads where there is nothing to block it for miles. When I was living in Illinois, I went out on a bike ride one day and had to call a friend to pick me up when I turned into the wind because I was 10 miles out of town and progressing at 4 mph. Today, I would be close to saying that the second ten miles was almost easier than the first.

Well, regardless, I ran 20 miles today for the first time ever, yay! We went slow (10:42 pace) but we got it done. And nothing really hurt! The hamstring was a little sore, but if I ran on the right side of the road I didn't notice it as much. I have another massage scheduled on Monday - I hope Susan can help with that.

I have been exhausted all day. I have done nothing but take a nap and watch movies. It amazes me how some days I can finish a long run and feel tired, but still able to do stuff, and then others I can do nothing but be lazy all day. I have noticed the trend that with 16+ mile runs, if it is sunny out, I end up feeling tired but invigorated and if it is gross out, I just want to curl up and do nothing. But anyways, it is a good thing I don't have any kids - as it is I have neglected the dog, who hasn't been out since this morning (in my defense, he has been as lazy as me today and has showed no interest in going out).

P.S. I guess when Lisa and I would go running by the ocean in Woods Hole the wind was pretty nasty there sometimes too. Ah, how I miss the path by the ocean... If I survive Grandma's Marathon and still actually like running and if the registration is closed for Chicago (which Kori is doing and which I paid for but couldn't run last year), then I think it would be fun to run the Cape Cod Marathon in Falmouth/Woods Hole in October.

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Lisa said...

Wow...20. Damn, girl.