Saturday, January 13, 2007

All your baton are belong to us.

So at the Wild West Relay, the "baton" was actually a Livestrong bracelet that got passed from sweaty wrist to sweaty wrist (that's team solidarity!) But this year, I have found the perfect baton for us to carry, even though we don't need to:I guess you can't really tell, but that is a squishy stress ball. I just think that would be a riot to run (at least the first legs) with a corn cob. In Colorado, we would be representing for the midwest in the Flatlanders division. And if we do the GRR, well, we can be representing for Iowa. Because even though I know they grow corn in all those other states, everyone knows that Iowa is the quintessential corn state, at least from my East Coast perspective. People think "Wisconsin! Cheese!" And I know there are generations of detasselers that have emerged from Minnesota, but with all due respect, I hear Minnesota and I think of snow, lakes, and Lutherans (I admit that I listen to a Prairie Home Companion a little too much).

In other news, Lisa has recruited us someone who might even be able to up the badass rating of a group of scientists - her friend Andy who is a tattoo artist. So after the relay, we can all get our team name tattooed on our bodies :-) That's all I know about Andy except that he lives in the Grand Cayman Islands (which in my book must mean his side job is laundering money) and he mentioned the Canadian Death Race (which makes Canada seem a lot scarier than it is).


Joe said...

I didn't know detasseler was a job...or a word.

Lisa said...

Since I did my undergrad at a Lutheran school in Indiana (where Lutheran minnesotans find Lutheran Illinoisans to get married to), I know all about detassling. Yes, that is our baton!

Audrey said...

um, thx? i look fwd to carrying the corn! i'm sure andy will totally bring his work equipment to the race. maybe we can get them done in the van between legs, no? :)

Laurie said...

Love it. I will try even harder to heal up just so I can carry a squishy corn cob baton.

As a Minnesotan, we gladly give Iowa the title of the King of Corn. We grow corn but we have better things to be known for like lakes and beautiful landscapes.

Plus Iowa is the highest corn producing state. I know these things.